A Day in the life of Megan and John! (I’m gonna do us being sick because Zoe told me I need to make John be sick also AND THEN I’LL GET TO YOUR GUYS’ REQUESTS! :D)

Megan blew her nose in another tissue. It seemed like it was her thousandth one. Judging by the garbage can filled with the snot ridden things, it very well could have. She lay on the couch, coughing every once and again, miserable to her very core.

John, who was laying on the opposite end of the couch was too having a coughing fit. His face was red with fever and his eyes were glazed over with that of a night of no sleep. “I blame you for this,” he spoke up, glaring at Megan.

"Shut up, John it’s not even my fault.Youcould have easily avoided it you know."

"And how was I suppose to know that the water bottle laying on your desk was yours and not mine!" he accused.

"Um, maybe because it was on my desk?" Megan retorted, sniffling while doing so. She really needed to give John a more permanent sense of staying with her, he had been doing so for many months now.

Both of them filled the room with a rhythm of sniffling and blowing into tissues. It was going to be a long day.

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